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LSAW Steel Pipe

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LSAW (single-strand submerged arc welded pipe) is made from single-plate and medium-thickness plate, and the steel plate is pressed (rolled) into the tube blank in a mold or a molding machine, and a double-sided submerged arc welding method is used to expand the diameter of the steel pipe. The weld has good toughness, plasticity, uniformity and compactness, and has the advantages of large diameter, thick wall thickness, high pressure resistance, low temperature resistance, and strong corrosion resistance. Most oil and gas pipelines are large-caliber thick-walled LSAW pipes. According to API standards, when large-scale oil and gas transmission pipelines pass through Class 1 and Class 2 areas such as high-cold regions, submarine areas, and densely populated urban areas, LSAW pipe is the only designated type of pipe.--pipe fittings suppliers

1 Certification

 API Spec2B; API 5L; CE; ISO9001; ISO14001; OHSAS 18001.

2 product specifications

Steel pipe diameter: 426-1422.4mm (16-56in)

    Steel pipe length: 3-12.3m

    Wall thickness: Production range of general carbon and low carbon alloy materials is 8-50mm;

    Pipeline steel grade X70 and above, wall thickness up to 8-26.4mm (0.315-1.04in)

    Product Standards: SO3183, API Spec5LPSL2, API Spec2B, GB/T9711 and other standards

3. Usage: It is mainly used for the transportation of mediums such as land, sea oil, coal slurry, ore slurry, as well as offshore platform, power station, chemical industry and urban building structure.

4. The main features:

The internal stress of the steel pipe is small and evenly distributed, and stress corrosion cracking can be avoided, and the dimensional precision is high, which is convenient for on-site welding construction.

    The use of pre-welding fine boring process, stable welding process, high weld performance;

    The welding seam is easy to realize the non-destructive inspection in the production process and the non-destructive inspection in the field during the use;

    Compared with non-straight welded pipes, welds are short and welding defects are less likely to occur;

    With a wide range of product specifications, the diameter and wall thickness of the steel pipe can be chosen to be large and selective.

5 quality inspection:

Our company implements a strict quality supervision system and resolutely implements the criteria of defective and non-factory products. Ultrasonic flaw detection, continuous ultrasonic inspection of welds, X-ray inspection, hydraulic test, and appearance inspection. The quality inspection department shall issue a material list to ensure that the product meets the requirements of the standard. And our company accepts customers, third-party inspection companies on-site supervision and testing.

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